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Versatility in Laser Dentistry

About this Seminar

For more than 50 years since its invention (1966), the laser has found a
wide range of applications in medicine. It took more than 25 years to see
the first dental laser (with very limited use) in our office. But since then,
various types of lasers for dental treatments have been developed and
applied clinically.

In the past years, the efficiency of such devices on oral tissue has been
proven. As they continue to gain acceptance and recognition within
the dental community, lasers are becoming an instrumental part of
everyday practice.

Effective cutting, clear surgical field of view, shortened operating time,
and good to excellent hemostasis are the aim of laser therapy. The laser
operations are rapid and bloodless and have excellent cosmetic and
functional results in the oral cavity. SiroLaser Blue with its revolutionary
technology that provides three different and specific forms of laser
(wavelength) in one device, provides a dental experience with minimal
post-op discomfort and remarkably rapid healing.

Thanks to this new generation of a diode laser, you will be able to
improve your clinical results, increase your efficiencies and incorporate
new procedures in your practice.

Upon completion of the course the participant will:

• Understand the difference between all types of laser for oral
surgical procedures.
• Recognize the contribution of lasers in various treatments
of oral tissues.
• Discover the benefits and possibilities of oral laser treatment over
traditional methods
• Understand why oral laser treatment is a value-added service to our
patient’s well-being.


Dr. André Chartrand

Bsc, DMD

About Dr. André Chartrand

Bsc, DMD

Dr. André Chartrand, Bsc, DMD graduated from the University of Montreal school of dentistry in 1984. He is in full-time private practice in Longueuil, Canada since then. Dr. Chartrand maintains a practice in cosmetic and restorative dentistry while having as landmark incorporation of laser technology in dentistry. He bought his first laser in 1989 and now owns several different lasers. Dr. Chartrand is an invited professor at the University of Montreal dental school, teaching laser dentistry to undergraduate students anddoctors for the Continuing Dental Education program.

Dr. Chartrand has enhanced his laser knowledge, experience, andcapabilities by implementing the most advanced technologies includingperforming routine and complex soft tissue surgical procedures in avirtually bloodless field. He has several published articles in national andinternational dental journals. Recognized as a renowned dental laseruser, he is frequently invited as a speaker to participate at numerous conferences and congress nationally and internationally.


Dental Assistant Cost $99.00
Non-Sk Dentist Cost $99.00
Dental Therapist Cost $99.00
Dental Hygienist Cost $99.00
Dentist Cost $99.00
  • Location ALT HOTEL - 480 2 Ave S, Sasktatoon (across the street from the Remai Modern)
  • Date 2022 November 05
  • Start time 9:00 am
  • End time 3:00 pm
  • Credit hours 5